Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fabulous Fruit-Booting*

Last summer my friends Ryan and Robby caught this as they were filming some skateboarding footage around Lakeview. This guy is just too good, I had to remind everyone of this man's skills! Maybe if you're lucky you can catch him on Halsted this summer.

*no offense intended

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo of the Day

From my Voyager

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Foals (Remix)

My boys in Maps & Atlases are currently doing a West Coast tour with Foals, and I wish I could be there.

The good news is, my friends Jimmy and Nate of Italo Death Metal have remixed the Foals song "Electic Bloom" (which is a jam unto itself). Check this shit out, it's got the Chicago crowd bangin'.

Electric Bloom (Italo Death Metals Y.R.S. Mix) - Foals

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Praise Lord Jesus Allah

Finally! Thanks for saving my ass, recession.
I'm gonna spend it all on candy.

What White People Do on Memorial Night

Dancing to some random pop-metal song (which I don't know).
Keep in mind these are good friends of mine, and I was drunk and having a good time.
I just thank baby jesus that I was not dancing to this at the time.
OK, maybe it wasn't metal at all... I don't know it sounds kinda pop.
Whatever... Seeee ya!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Photo of the Day

From my Voyager

Song of the Moment

Rest Your Head - Dolour

I am going to sporadically post songs that I am currently jamming or highly recommend checking out. There will most likely be lots of flashback songs from a few years ago that still deserve attention, along with new shit I'm digging at the moment.

This song is by Dolour, which is actually just one dude. You know, one of those things. I met this guy when I was frequenting Seattle several years back. This is off his 2002 album "Suburbiac".

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Typical Wish Dragon Convo.

I've been fortunate enough to travel with my friends in Maps & Atlases from time-to-time when they are touring, and it's always a blast. We travel in a white van named Wish Dragon ("Wishy" for short). Here is a glimpse into Wishy as we rolled into Philadelphia back in February.
Setup by Erin. Insult by me. Punchline by Shiraz. Treated.

Photo of the Day

From my Voyager

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The state of Chicago "Parties", etc.

So, check out this flyer:

I have some things to say about this.
My friend Ephraim is putting on this shindig with some buddies of his. The theme is "Taking Back Chicago", saving us all from the shitty "parties" going on around town.

First of all, I want to make it clear that I love Ephraim. I met him waay back and he is one of the most genuine people I've met in this town. He is always fun and ready to get "awesome". I will be supporting this event, making a rare appearance out-and-about town because I appreciate the concept behind the event, and mainly just because I like Ephraim. But let's be honest, the new Lava Lounge sucks. Bad.

But my point is, seriously, none of these events are really parties. It's just... going to a bar. These aren't even real dance clubs. The whole concept of having the same dozen kids DJing each week at different bars throughout Wicker Park is so played out at this point, I really can't believe people are still into it.

If these people really cared about parties, they'd be throwing house parties and DJing. What ever happened to house parties!?! I think they died in Chicago after the summer of 2006. Seriously, I haven't been to a good one since then.

Yeah I know its rough having house parties, and you just don't want to put forth the effort as you get older and have had your parties busted by police the last 12 times. I definitely know that from experience. That's why after Texas Ballroom, The Western Front and The Wrightwood House I now live in a small 2-bedroom apartment.

I'm just sayin'.
Stop calling hanging out at bars "parties". Please.

As noble as the concept of this particular event is, it is only one DJ set by whomever away from becoming just as shitty as Rehab or anything at Funky Buddha Lounge.

I wish Ephraim & Co. the best with this night, because I know their hearts are in the right place. Just gotta keep all the disgusting underage kids with their disgusting makeup out. They should be at real house parties anyways.

Whatever, I'm a bitch. I'll see you there. I'll be partying.

EDIT: I have to give props to the guys who did Playhaus while it was around for doing the only really legit DJ house parties over the last couple years. That shit was good. A prime example for everyone else. Props also to Das & Dos Butt for carrying on the tradition, albeit the focus is more sleaze & wackiness than music.

Lint Rolling.

My employees take care of each other. Here Justin is making sure Matt is hair-free. He's good like that.


Now that I have a fresh New Era Twins hat I can properly rep my home team. Don't get me wrong, my loyalty is to the White Sox, but in case they drop the ball in the AL Central, I'm rooting Twins all the way. The two most surprising teams in the division so far, I call one of them taking the Central title this season. I'm loving how pathetic the Tigers are, and let's be honest: the Indians were never really as good as all the columnists claimed pre-season.

Where Do We Begin...

Welcome to The Jealousy, my new personal blog.

It seems as though everyone is jumping on the blogging bandwagon as of late, and that's great. It gets boring refreshing myspace all day, and blogs seem to be as good a time-waster as anything.
I was flirting with the idea of re-igniting my old LiveJournal, but then realized that would be sooo 2003. No one uses that shit anymore.

We'll have to see what this blog ends up being... mainly just rants and personal reflections, probably lots of music recommendations and entertaining tidbits.

OK, Seeeee ya!