Saturday, May 24, 2008

The state of Chicago "Parties", etc.

So, check out this flyer:

I have some things to say about this.
My friend Ephraim is putting on this shindig with some buddies of his. The theme is "Taking Back Chicago", saving us all from the shitty "parties" going on around town.

First of all, I want to make it clear that I love Ephraim. I met him waay back and he is one of the most genuine people I've met in this town. He is always fun and ready to get "awesome". I will be supporting this event, making a rare appearance out-and-about town because I appreciate the concept behind the event, and mainly just because I like Ephraim. But let's be honest, the new Lava Lounge sucks. Bad.

But my point is, seriously, none of these events are really parties. It's just... going to a bar. These aren't even real dance clubs. The whole concept of having the same dozen kids DJing each week at different bars throughout Wicker Park is so played out at this point, I really can't believe people are still into it.

If these people really cared about parties, they'd be throwing house parties and DJing. What ever happened to house parties!?! I think they died in Chicago after the summer of 2006. Seriously, I haven't been to a good one since then.

Yeah I know its rough having house parties, and you just don't want to put forth the effort as you get older and have had your parties busted by police the last 12 times. I definitely know that from experience. That's why after Texas Ballroom, The Western Front and The Wrightwood House I now live in a small 2-bedroom apartment.

I'm just sayin'.
Stop calling hanging out at bars "parties". Please.

As noble as the concept of this particular event is, it is only one DJ set by whomever away from becoming just as shitty as Rehab or anything at Funky Buddha Lounge.

I wish Ephraim & Co. the best with this night, because I know their hearts are in the right place. Just gotta keep all the disgusting underage kids with their disgusting makeup out. They should be at real house parties anyways.

Whatever, I'm a bitch. I'll see you there. I'll be partying.

EDIT: I have to give props to the guys who did Playhaus while it was around for doing the only really legit DJ house parties over the last couple years. That shit was good. A prime example for everyone else. Props also to Das & Dos Butt for carrying on the tradition, albeit the focus is more sleaze & wackiness than music.


Micaela said...

What happened to sparks,(sparks floats), sparking, and then being spunked by the end of the night?

Micaela said...

Oh, and pissing in the street? I'll make sure to wear a skirt and/or something with "easy access."

dojawodi said...

Dude im starting an oldies night at burlington.. you should come out!


departure503 said...

This is actually quite an interesting post.

I think for a lot of people of my age (mid-late 20s) the term "party" originates from the days of the raves being called "parties" despite their often huge size. So the term kind of became all-inclusive for electronic music events.

I do agree with your point that it is in itself a dumb term as, especially with parties I've thrown, you work with an established venue and your success depends on your level of corporate sponsorship money (well at least if you hoping to have the $$$ to bring in out of town talent). It is very much of the corporate and business world on the organizers end.

And for the guests who attend, you are doing shots of drinks on special provided by the corporate sponsors etc. It really all feeds into the same machine.

Personally, I do not mind. I like the professionalism of it all.

I remember one house party I threw about 2-3 years ago in which I let Flosstradamus take over my house. About 400 people I didn't know showed up and it was shut down by midnight. Was it fun, fuck yes! Will I ever do it again? Hell fucking no! It took me about 16 hours to clean up the wreckage, my digital camera was stolen and all the neighbors had something to say.

Point being, yes it was a hell of a better time than could be had at Lava or Debonair or any of the public venues. But simply put, I choose to not deal with the headache and disrespect of people's spaces that go along with house parties.

However I do agree club nights at all the same venues are beginning to be a bore. I would love to see a more hybrid approach. A party at an outdoor space. A large gallery party like the days of Open End. Truth be told, everything is starting to blend together in a way that no club night, or "party" is even that memorable anymore.

The challenge to innovate will always be there. And for those willing to risk it, people will meet it with open arms.

The End,


PS: Sorry that was lengthy ha! I like your blog and thank you for the link to my CreamTeam! I will add a link to your site on mine in return.