Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What White People Do on Memorial Night

Dancing to some random pop-metal song (which I don't know).
Keep in mind these are good friends of mine, and I was drunk and having a good time.
I just thank baby jesus that I was not dancing to this at the time.
OK, maybe it wasn't metal at all... I don't know it sounds kinda pop.
Whatever... Seeee ya!


monica! said...

I heard your new blog is dedicated to hating on white people.
{I'm totally rolling my eyes right now}

Micaela said...

Crack ass crackers.

christian said...


this is what happens when you start drinking whiskey after drinking light beer all day.

cully said...


it was "you got yr cherry bomb" by spoon.

fuckin' whities.

nate said...

i probably wouldnt have remember this moment of extreme whiteness if not for the video.
thanks a lot

zach said...

Listen. While this may be my whitest moment, it is also the most fully realized moment of any white person, forever. What I'm saying is, we reached the pinnacle of whiteness, when the aura around us glowed so cracker-ass blue eyes that we could no longer pretend to like foreign language films and we stopped watching anything but The Daily Show and Animal Planet.