Thursday, June 26, 2008

Song of the Moment

Oh yeah, because I'm not black.
I love the earnestness in their voices, so sincere.

Smell Yo Dick - Riskay feat. Aviance & Real

I'm Already Over Blogs...

I started this blog like a month ago and have managed to update it like 10 times, and I'm already over it.

First of all, paying this blog the attention it deserves is just far too time-consuming. My life is fulfilling enough already, I'm not interested in one more thing to think about daily. I don't see how people with a life actually pull off updating blogs 5 times a day!

Secondly, as much as I want to, I haven't even kept up on reading my friends blogs. I thought that keeping my own would encourage me to check on friends blogs daily and it would be fun. Nope. I don't even think about it. This has convinced me that most blogs were mainly invented either by girls as yet another means to judge and stalk people.
By those looking for some sort of status by keeping others updated on secondhand information they have probably heard already or will hear again 10,000 times.

Blogging Summer 2008 is Lamerzzz.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guess He Didn't Get the "Kidnapping is Illegal" Memo

Thanks to Christian of Shotgun for Royalty for tipping me off to this story.
This might be the best thing I've ever read.

Italian man accused of kidnapping ex-girlfriend to get ironing, dishes done

updated 4:32 p.m. CT, Mon., June. 16, 2008

ROME - An Italian man was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend from a pub, taking her home and forcing her to iron his clothes and wash the dishes, police said Monday.

The 43-year-old man dragged the woman out of a pub in the port city of Genoa, shoved her into a car and took her to his home, where he made her iron and wash dishes after threatening her, they said.

Police arrived at his house after being tipped off by a friend of the woman who watched the scene at the pub.

The man, who was apparently furious at his ex-girlfriend for leaving him, was arrested on charges of kidnapping, police said.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Song of the Moment

I overheard this song on 88.7 Saturday night while me and my lady were rollin down Western.
This song is a lil old already, but since I JUST heard it, this is like the hottest shit in the world right now!!!

Big plus is that he possibly rolls with Nico B's crew, and for that he gets an A+.

Serengeti on myspace.

This song is THE SHIT.

Dennehy - Serengeti

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo of the Day

From my Voyager

Never Show your Face in this Town Again.

I've never seen Joba Chamberlain's eyes.

Due to the moaning of many fans (and more so the team's co-owner), the New York Yankees finally caved to the pressure and decided to convert their dominant relief pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, into a full-fledged starter.

If you haven't followed the Yankess, this guy has been just devastating. Lights out in most of his appearances. Which is why many wanted to see him become a starting pitcher, giving him more innings to pitch (therefore supposedly helping the team win more games).

Last week he played his first game as a starter, and got ripped to shreds by the opposing team. He lasted just 63 pitches before he was pulled.
This man is always flat-brim low, hiding his face. Now I know why. This is the picture that was posted on the front of


p.s. I hate you Yankees. Lose and die. Byeee.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Song of the Moment

Heart Songs - Weezer

I got my hands on Weezer's new Red Album, and while it's not a complete return to form, it's definitely a step in the right direction. They still cannot re-capture that magic of Blue Album and Pinkerton, but Red Album is far, far superior to their last few messes.

This track "Heart Songs", especially stands out to me. At first it appears to be a trivial song about what Rivers liked listening to when he was young, but by the time the bridge arrives (many points for the Nirvana reference) the song swells into one of the more epic songs Weezer has written.

This is also the most honestly Rivers has written lyrics since Pinkerton, so points for that as well.

Weezer's Red Album is out today.