Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Never Show your Face in this Town Again.

I've never seen Joba Chamberlain's eyes.

Due to the moaning of many fans (and more so the team's co-owner), the New York Yankees finally caved to the pressure and decided to convert their dominant relief pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, into a full-fledged starter.

If you haven't followed the Yankess, this guy has been just devastating. Lights out in most of his appearances. Which is why many wanted to see him become a starting pitcher, giving him more innings to pitch (therefore supposedly helping the team win more games).

Last week he played his first game as a starter, and got ripped to shreds by the opposing team. He lasted just 63 pitches before he was pulled.
This man is always flat-brim low, hiding his face. Now I know why. This is the picture that was posted on the front of MLB.com


p.s. I hate you Yankees. Lose and die. Byeee.

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